Local Mentor's Covenant
Oregon Pacific District Board of Ministry
The call of God to a lifetime as a minister in the Church of the Nazarene is one the church takes seriously and designs to seriously support. One who is called to serve as a minister in the church will be led into a process of development that includes identifying, demonstrating and developing gifts and graces for ministry. The local church pastor and the local church board, according to the Manual of the Church of the Nazarene, are instrumental in this process.
The Board of Ministry thus requires each person who testifies to a call to ministry to identify a Local Advisor with whom they will enter into a covenant relationship. The Local Advisor will serve as a prayer partner, mentor, ministry supervisor and person who holds their advisee accountable to the process of ministerial development as prescribed by the Board of Ministry.
  • I will pray for my advisee regularly.

  • I will meet with my advisee at least bi-monthly to mentor, support and encourage as well as to evaluate progress in his/her ministerial development. If he/she is on the ministerial staff of my church, our regular staff meeting may serve in lieu of these meetings, but only by mutual agreement.

  • I will be available via email or phone when my advisee needs advice or has questions, endeavoring to return contact within 48 hours of the request.

  • I will be candid with my advisee, willing to hold accountable, challenging to her/his best response to the call of God on his/her life, and prepared to “tell the hard truth” as necessary.

  • As it becomes appropriate, I will recommend my advisee to the church board for a Local Minister’s License/District Minister’s License/Renewal of License.

  • I will promptly complete the annual Local Advisor’s Report to the Board of Ministry when it is provided to me.


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