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Church Report Checklist

Annual Pastor's Year-End Reports

Annual Pastor’s Year-end Reports

This year, as every year, each pastor of a Church of the Nazarene on the Oregon Pacific District will be submitting a series of annual reports to the District Assembly.  This site is designed to help you to do this as quickly and painlessly as possible.  The reports and other documents that are required are all listed below. Click on the + sign to see more. If you have the capability, please use the online forms, otherwise, scan the linked documents once completed, and email them to or mail them by April 15th to Oregon Pacific District Office, 2780 Market St. NE, Salem, OR 97301.

The due date for the completion of the Annual Pastor’s Report and all of the other reports and documents is April 15th.  This will allow churches 15 days from the last Sunday of March (the 31st) to complete their gathering of statistics and financial records.  Some portions of the Annual Pastor’s Report, as well as some of the other reports and documents, can be completed before the end of the church year; please consider doing so to minimize your work later.

(click here for a checklist to make sure you’ve got all of the reports and documents)

Annual Reports

The online portion of the Annual Pastor’s Report must be completed by April 15th.

All pastors (and/or their designee) will log-in to the ANNUAL PASTOR’S REPORT (APR) by using their Nazarene Account.  If you are having trouble with your Nazarene Account, please call the District Office (trouble would include not having a Nazarene Account or not being assigned to the APR application; if you can remember your Nazarene Account email address but not the password, you can click on the link for “I forgot my password” and the site will run you through a process of resetting the password).

New pastors to the district since last year’s report will either receive an invitation to sign up for a Nazarene Account/activate their Nazarene Account or have had their Nazarene account assigned to the APR application.  The pastor will use this Nazarene Account to log-in at the APR site linked above.

Pastors should not share their login information with any other person as doing so makes potentially personal information available.

One additional person per church may receive a Nazarene Account and log-in to the site; please contact your pastor who will notify the district office if she/he would like to authorize an additional person to log-in to the church’s APR report.  If you are a pastor and have not received your invitation to sign up for a Nazarene Account, please contact Bud or Steve at 503-581-3950 or email

Although the district office does not have access to the log-in information for others’ Nazarene Accounts, they can provide the email address that is connected with the Nazarene Accounts that are assigned to the APR site.  You can then use the email address to use the log-in help provided on the APR log-in page.


APR Worksheet 238.35 KB 62 downloads

Print this worksheet to hand to helpers and department heads to provide their information for the report as well as to prepare for filling in the online report.  Look for context-sensitive help for most items on the APR when working on the online report; find the help by clicking on the item.

If you have any questions regarding any of the information on this page or the Annual Pastors Report, please call 503-581-3950.

Due to COVID-19 meeting restrictions – delegates information is not needed by April 15th.

Please fill out the form once for every elected delegate or alternate.

Also, please help us communicate with your delegates and advertise for district assembly by providing email addresses for each delegate.



Certificate of Election Online Form

(includes supplemental delegate form)


Please read the Certificate of Election carefully.  Use the chart at the top of the form when figuring the number of delegates your church is entitled to send to District Assembly.  Be sure to fill it out accurately with information about your newly elected department heads and District Assembly delegates.  Please note that department heads are listed as ex-officio delegates of the District Assembly and serve as delegates in addition to the elected delegates from your congregation.

Please complete one time for each pastoral staff member



Family Information Online Form




If you have no changes from last year, just send us a quick email letting us know (

Your written report this year will consist of two questions. Please limit your response to no more than 500 words and 35 lines of text. Please use this template as a guide for knowing if your report will fit in the allotted space.


  1. Describe the vision of your church.

  2. Describe your rhythm of prayer.


Click Here to access and fill out your report online.

Church Directory Information

2019-2020 Church Year

Our Online District Directory is up and running. Each lead pastor was sent login information that may be used for accessing and editing your church information. Please contact Steve in the district office ( if you did not receive this email or need additional logins. Do not use the old church directory paper form.

Please click the following link to access the District Directory and use the login information provided. Once updated, the district office will automatically be notified and there is no need to submit any further paperwork.


Access District Directory


Demonstration Video

This collected information will be used for district office contact lists. Personal mailing addresses will not be printed in the Church Directory portion of the Journal this year.

Also due on April 15th will be a photo of the pastor and his/her spouse (if applicable).

You may submit as a part of your family information or church directory updates. On this form a check box is available to use a previously submitted photo.

Click here to submit a photo.

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