When you propose to:

  • Buy land or a building
  • Sell land or a building
  • Lease land or a building
  • Build a building
  • Undergo a major/structural remodel
  • Seek a mortgage or refinance one
  1. Property. The local church considering the purchase or sale of real estate, the erection of churches or church-related buildings, a major remodeling of either, or leasing real property for any reason, shall submit its proposal to the district superintendent and the District Church Properties Board for their consideration, advice, and approval. No indebtedness, whether involving a mortgage or not, shall be incurred in the purchase of real estate or the erection of buildings or a major remodeling of either, without the written approval of the district superintendent and the District Church Properties Board.
  • Consult with the District Superintendent. You will need his approval to proceed
  • Contact the District Office for appropriate processes and forms
  • Work with the Chairman of the Church Properties Committee of the DAB; the district office will serve as liaison
  • Two-thirds vote of the membership of the church in a duly called annual or special meeting of the membership
  1. Restrictions. The local church may not purchase or lease real estate, nor sell, mortgage, refinance, exchange, or in any other way encumber real property, or otherwise dispose of real estate unless approved by a two-thirds vote of the members present at an annual meeting, or at a special meeting duly called.
  • Contact the district office who will put you in contact with the Church Properties Committee Chairman and…
  • Provide you with a packet of forms for the pastor and other team members to complete
  • Submit the forms to the Church Properties Committee Chairman via the district office
  • There are separate forms for seeking approval for building, selling, buying, and securing a mortgage
  • Wait for approval (up to 45 days) before incurring indebtedness, purchasing real estate, selling real estate, erecting buildings or entering into a structural remodeling program.
  • Provide quarterly financial and status reports to the DAB throughout the construction process (a new provision in Manual 103).


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  • The proceeds from the mortgaging or sale of church properties, or the proceeds from insurance claims on real property, can only be used for purchasing or improving real estate, or reducing other real estate indebtedness

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