Resources for Return

Our goal should be to provide an environment that assures the highest level of safety and cleanliness so that the people in our care can enter our facility with confidence.


There are different dynamics at each church, which means that any specific safety protocols may differ given a particular situation. With every situation and community different, it can be  helpful to have examples and ideas on what a reopening plan will look like. Not every component will be useful in every situation but it may be a guideline for things to consider.
There are some things that most of us in some way need to think through and/or avoid, including not passing worship guides/bulletins, offering plates, and communion elements, eliminating food/coffee service, reconstructing how our bathrooms are used (e.g., possibly closing off every other urinal or stall), providing sanitation stations and hand wipes throughout the church, developing safety/screening protocols for volunteers, developing enhanced cleaning protocols for this situation, reconfiguring how people enter and exit our building so that we can limit commingling, determining how best to seat people in our sanctuary space, determining building usage protocols, providing clear instructions to people as to whether or not they should attend a worship service, keeping attendance for “tracing” purposes, and determining how best to communicate all of the above in consistent manner.
To the right are plans from churches on the Oregon Pacific District as a potential resource as we work through the details of what church will look like as we worship in person once again.

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