Our 2017 District Assembly has come and gone. It was a fantastic time full of God’s grace, where the presence of the Holy Spirit was felt throughout. It was a time where our district family gathered together to celebrate the great works being accomplished in the Western half of Oregon. A time where we felt challenged to be all God would have us become as we seek to share Jesus and make Christlike disciples.

Here are just a couple highlights:

  • Dr. Reeder challenged us to be Rooted in a Pioneering Spirit
  • We celebrated the ordination of eight Elders and one Deacon
  • Dr. Diane LeClerc shared about Holiness in the 21st Century
  • New Works reports were given with growth for several of these churches.

As we continue throughout 2017 and 2018, let us remember to be ROOTED in our Passion for the Lost, with a Pioneering Spirit, and in our Pursuit of Holiness. Let us strive to help every church on the ORPAC District do their best in realizing the goal of 0 – 0’s. Let’s band together to uphold the foundation of the 4 Pillars as we seek to Recruit and Develop the best and brightest leaders and go forth with New Works and Cross-Cultural opportunities. Let us be  ROOTED as the Best District with the Best Pastors giving our Best to God!

Dr. J.K. Warrick – Thursday Afternoon

Audio of Thursday Afternoon  

Dr. Stan Reeder – Rooted

Audio of Rooted in a Pioneering Spirit          

Dr. J.K. Warrick – Friday Morning

Audio of Friday Morning    

Dr. Stan Reeder D.S. Report

 D.S. Report 2017    

Diane LeClerc – Friday Morning

Holiness for the 21st Century        

Dr. Diane LeClerc – Workshop

Holiness as Character      

Dr. J.K. Warrick Ordination Message

Audio of Ordination Message

Sermon Downloads

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