2021 District License Interviews

Welcome to the Oregon Pacific District Board of Ministry page for the 2021 District License Interview Process. For some of you this information will look familiar but please read everything carefully as it may be valuable to you.

If this is your first year in the ORPAC Ministerial Development Process and/or you will not have had your local license for at least one year by May 2021 and/or have not completed at least 25% of the Course of Study including Holiness and History and Polity of the Church of the Nazarene, please consider this page as an informational resource.

If you are a pastor or local church member looking for guidance for someone in your church who has signaled that they have been called to ministry, or if you are someone who has sensed a call to ministry and need to know where to start, please go to https://www.orpac.org/ministerial-development/ to read about the ministerial process.

Please contact District Secretary Steve Hamilton at stevehamilton@orpac.org if you need further assistance.

A specific interview time will be communicated to you well before your scheduled day. Please keep this day as open as possible to allow for adequate travel opportunities and/or delays.

  • January 8th – Bend Area
  • January 11th – Portland/North Coast Area
  • January 12th – Salem Area
  • January 13th – Salem Area Extra (Morning interviews if needed)
  • January 13th – Eugene Area Extra (afternoon interviews if needed)
  • January 14th – Eugene Area
  • January 15th – Medford Area


You should take the opportunity to begin working on your District License Application which must be completed each year. This year’s application is only available in an online digital format. You may use last year’s application if you have it saved but please complete this new online version. All district license paperwork will be due by December 1st.



There are two other documents that will be due with your application.

  1. Board Recommendationhttp://boardrec.orpac.org
    1. You may want to speak with your lead pastor about adding this to your next board meeting agenda as this online form require both a lead pastor and board secretary signature.
  2. Local Mentor Reporthttp://mentorreport.orpac.org
    1. Take this opportunity to sit down with your mentor to discuss strengths. in ministry and opportunities for growth.

While you are not responsible for completing the above two forms, it is your responsibility to ensure their completion by the December 1, 2020 due date. Speak with your pastor at the earliest opportunity.

The District Board of Ministry wants to emphasize/renew the thought that the local church and local pastor are significant keys to effective ministerial development on the district. Rather than largely a district responsibility, it is mainly a local church responsibility to identify, evaluate, encourage, hold accountable, support, challenge, develop, test and approve those called into ministry in the Church of the Nazarene.  The Board of Ministry counts on the churches/pastors taking that responsibility seriously.  With that in mind, the Board urges local pastors and church boards to be active in the process for developing ministers and careful in their recommendations.

Church Board Recommendation

It is important that you check in with your pastor (if you are not the pastor of your church) to ask them to work with the church board regarding a Recommendation for a District License form (see below). You may consider printing this form and taking it to them yourself with your request for consideration (assuming all other requirements have been met). If you serve as a lead/senior pastor, the District Advisory Board and the District Superintendent will handle this recommendation.

Access this online form at http://boardrec.orpac.org


The Board deeply appreciates and counts on the involvement of the District’s pastors and churches in this process. It is also for this reason that the Board of Ministry has implemented a requirement that every Local Minister and District Minister be in a covenant relationship with a Local Mentor who is an ordained minister in the Church of the Nazarene.  This is likely to be your lead/senior pastor, but may also be an ordained staff member or retired minister.  A licensed minister should seek to enter this covenant relationship with their Mentor and ask her or him to complete an annual Local Mentor’s Report.

Local Mentor

It is important that check in with your Local Mentor regularly and especiallly as interview season approaches. The Local Mentor’s Covenant can be electronically completed/renewed online (https://www.orpac.org/local-mentors-covenant) or on paper (see below). There is no need to submit this covenant to the district office.

The Local Mentor’s Report must be completed and turned in annually. No report = no interview and therefore no district license. This report may be submitted online (https://mentorreportorpac.org/).

If you are serving as the lead/senior pastor, the District Superintendent is your Local Mentor. Please contact him as soon as possible regarding your report (daveanderson@orpac.org. You may email and ask him to fill it out on your behalf, (https://mentorreportorpac.org/).

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Each year the District Board of Ministry holds interviews for those seeking a District Minister’s License- for a first-time license and for license renewal- as well as Year of Mentoring and Ordination interviews.  In an attempt to aid students, licensed minister candidated, Year of Mentoring candidates and potential ordinands, the board has put together some helps and resources for the interviews.

What to expect from the small group/district licensing interviews… Interviews are held in the second week in January at five sites across the district, and will be scheduled for 45 minute slots; the further along you are in the ministerial development process, the more likely it is that your interview will fill the entire time slot.

If this is your first interview and you are not applying for a District Minister’s License you can expect an introductory kind of interview- an opportunity for the small group to get to know you a bit, ask about how you came to this place in your life, inquire as to how your start at the Course of Study is going. As the years proceed and if you are applying for a District License, you can expect the interview to become progressively more comprehensive until you are ready to interview for the Year of Mentoring in preparation for ordination. A document linked below provides guidelines (along with preparation helps) for four areas that the Board of Ministry expects anyone to be ordained on the district to “nail” in their year of mentoring interview. You can use this document to prepare for all of your Board of Ministry interviews; the longer you have been in the ministerial development process, the more “ready” you should be. These four areas do not exhaust what may be discussed at your interview.

Be assured that the Board members do not look at the interviews as an opportunity to surprise you with “gotcha” questions but as one to guide you, help you and encourage you as you grow through this process. They really are there to help you. This help may come via some tough questions but their “toughness” is designed to evaluate where you are as well as to help move you along in the process.


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In order to give you an idea of what the Board of Ministry is looking for in the Year of Mentoring and Ordination interviews, some individuals who “nailed” one of the questions from the resources document in their Year of Mentoring interview were asked to video record their presentation so they could be available to those seeking a license or ordination. Some of them are a little longer than they need to be but they will give an idea of how to prepare yourself for the interview.


Entire Sanctification Videos

Mark Kelley

Jeremy Page

Nate Pond

Vincent Sturgeon

Biblical Timeline Videos

Mary Beth Bowles

Joshua Dees

Steve Hamilton

If you have had a divorce in your past and have NOT had it removed as a barrier to a district license, please fill out and submit the information below.


Divorce Barrier Removal

If the district office has already been in contact with you about this, there is no need to complete this information.



If you need to review what the Ministerial Development Process looks like, take a look at the following documents.

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Downloads 1887
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If you believe you are ready and would like ti interview for your  Year of Mentoring (see The Process in Review documents above) please provide the requested information below.

Year of Mentoring
Please include the Church and whether it was Part-time or Full-time,

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