The Certificate of Election

Election chart oneThe form linked below will allow you to complete your church’s Certificate of Election to notify the District Office of your delegates for District Assembly.

Please utilize this chart for determining the correct number of delegates for your church size. If you have a larger membership than listed please continue the chart to reach the total number of delegate allowed for your church membership.


Manual Paragraphs Pertaining to Assembly Delegates
  At the annual church meeting, there shall be an election, by ballot, of lay delegates to the district assembly, or, if approved by a majority vote of the church membership at the annual meeting, delegates may be recommended by the pastor and approved by the local church board on the basis of representation fixed by the General Assembly according to 201-201.2. All those elected as delegates shall be active members of that same local Church of the Nazarene. (107.3, 113.11)

201. Membership. The district assembly shall be composed of all assigned elders (532-532.3, 533-533.1, 536.9); all assigned deacons (531-531.4, 536.9); all assigned licensed ministers (530.8); all retired assigned ministers (534-534.1); … the newly elected superintendent or vice superintendent of each local SDMI Board (146); the newly elected president or vice president of each local NYI (151); the newly elected president or vice president of each local NMI (153.2); or an appropriately elected alternate may represent the NMI, NYI, and SDMI organizations in the district assembly; those serving in assigned roles of ministry according to 503-526.1; … lay career missionaries whose local church membership is on the district; all retired assigned lay career missionaries whose local 114 district government church membership is on the district; and the lay delegates from each local church and church-type mission in the assembly district. (24, 113.14-113.15, 201.1-201.2)


Information to have available prior to beginning this form:

  • Name of your NMI President or Vice President
  • Name of your NYI President or Vice President
  • Name of your SDMI President or Vice President
  • Names of all Elected Lay Delegates
  • Names of all Elected Lay Alternates
  • Names of all Ordained or Licensed ministers on staff (including the lead pastor)
  • Names of all Retired Assigned ministers in your membership (see District Journal page 35 for RA status).


Click here to begin the Certificate of Election Form

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