We are excited to tell you that registration is now LIVE and online We are accepting BOTH child registrations and volunteer applications. Registration is caped for each camp, so encourage your church family to register early to guarantee your camp selection. As camp fills up, the registration website will tell you how many tickets are still available.

Please read the “All about Kids Camp 2019,” this is written specifically for churches and local camp registrars and will hopefully answer all your kids camp questions. Start recruiting now for camp volunteers and drivers to bring your kids to camp (and possibly from camp). All your kids camp volunteers need to be at Camp Kellogg the night before Kids Camp starts, so make sure you have secured drivers for your kids to get to camp on Day one.

We are providing you with posters and a brochure. These are for you to advertise with at your local church. Just print the posters that apply to your church (the camps you will be attending). The brochure can to handed out or mailed to families. If you need assistance printing these or would like a Publisher version of the file, please contact Pastor Becca at becca@tillamooknaz.com.

All payments will process through the local church this year. Then each church will send one check to ORPAC Children’s Ministries. Attached is a payment ledger to help you keep track of who’s registered and their payment. District Scholarships are still available but will need to be requested by the parent on their registration form (See the All about Kids Camp 2019 for more info). We are also providing you with copies of the documents that parents will get after they register and volunteers after they complete their applications. You will receive an email when a child from your church registers or a volunteer applies (as long as they listed you as the contact for their church). This a new feature this year that we hope will be helpful to you!

Early Bird prices are good until May 20, 2019, after that full price registration is available until registration CLOSES on June 3, 2019. Date of completed registration is what counts as the date for early bird vs. full cost registration. Please encourage your church family to register early! Openings in each camp are filled on a first come, first serve basis. I can’t express enough to have your church family register early!!

New this Year! All camps start at 11 AM and end by 1 PM (with lunch provided at the start and end of camp)! No more needing sack lunches on the way to Umpqua (Junior) camp!! If you have drivers coming to pick up kids please have them be at camp by 12:30 pm to attend our closing ceremonies with us.

Have questions our “All About Kids Camp 2019” doesn’t answer or things you are confused about?? Contact kidzone@ssnaz.org.

Additional Information and Downloads

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