For some of you who have been a part of this process before, this will look familiar; for others of you, this is the first time to receive this information.  Please, everyone, read it carefully from top to bottom; there may be valuable information for you mixed throughout.

This page provides you information to prepare for District Board of Ministry interviews in January 2018.  Anyone who would like to apply for a District Minister’s License or to renew the same is expected to meet annually with an interview team.

Here’s what you need to know:

First, hold the appropriate-for-you date that follows for your annual interview with an interview team of the Board of Ministry.  Whether you are applying for your first district license, applying to renew your district license, or heading into your ordination interview, you will need to meet with an interview team on one of the following days:

Monday, January 8th– Medford 1st- for those in the Southern part of the district

Tuesday, January 9th– South Salem- for those in the Northern part of the Willamette Valley to the Central Oregon Coast (Salem, Woodburn, Newport, McMinnville, Sheridan, Newberg) etc.

Wednesday, January 10th– Portland 1st- for those in the Portland area, the North Coast, Molalla, Canby, Columbia River Gorge, etc.

Thursday, January 11th– Eugene 1st- for those in the Southern part of the Willamette Valley, the South-Central Coast, Roseburg, Coquille, Bay Area, Eugene, Florence, etc.)

Friday, January 12th– Bend Nazarene- for those in Central Oregon

Second, if you need a refresher on the what the Ministerial Development process looks like, take a look at these documents: The Ministry Development Process- 3 pages and The Ministry Development Process- one-page checklist.

Third, if you have a divorce in your past and you have not had it removed as a barrier to a district license (and I have not already been in contact with you in recent days), please contact me ASAP (

Fourth, if you think you are ready for interviewing for the Year of Mentoring in preparation for ordination (see the above linked “Process” documents), please contact me ASAP.

Fifth, note the attached document that you can use to prepare for your interview (take special notice of a new emphasis on the Articles of Faith).  You can also watch these videos to get an idea of what the Board of Ministry is looking for in the ordination interview (a couple of them are a little long but they should still help).

Jason Veach- The Story of Scripture

Cheryl Colby- Sanctification

Olivia Meyer- The Bible in a Nutshell

Sixth, check in with your pastor (if you are not the pastor of your church) to ask him or her to work with the church board regarding a recommendation for a district license for you (first-time or renewal).  You might consider printing off the form and taking it to your pastor with your request to be considered for a district license (assuming you have completed the other requirements for a district license- again, see documents linked above).  Here’s that document: Church Board Recommendation for a District License.  If you are serving as a lead/senior pastor, the District Advisory Board under Dr. Reeder’s guidance will handle this recommendation.

Seventh, if you would like to work on your license application and send it back to me by December 1st, have at it.  Application for a District Minister’s License: doc or pdf (notice that there are changes to this application– you won’t be able to simply make changes to a previous years’ application and send it in).

Eighth, take the Local Advisor’s Covenant along with the Local Advisor’s Report to the person who will serve as your Advisor; ask them to enter into (or continue in) the covenant with you and to complete the report and email or mail it to me (2780 Market St. NE, Salem, OR 97301) by December 1st (you do not need to send me the covenant document- keep it for your files).  No Local Advisor’s Report= no interview and therefore no District License.  If you are serving as a lead/senior pastor Dr. Reeder or his designee is to serve as your Local Advisor.  Please contact him as soon as you can regarding your Local Advisor’s report- you could email him the report and ask him to fill it out and get it to me-

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Bud Pugh

On behalf of the District Board of Ministry

Those of you who are completing your Year of Mentoring and interviewing for Ordination, yes, you do need to interview for a district license renewal as you have in the past.

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